A vision of beauty

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By Takiya Smith

For the past couple of years my children and I have made it a New Year tradition to create our own unique Vision Boards. January 1 has come to be our time of reflection over the previous year as well as a resolution of the new one to come.

A Vision Board is nothing more than a simple arts and craft project with a twist of creativity, individuality and a focus to make those things a reality. No matter what day the first falls on, I take that day and time off to spend it with my kids flipping through magazines, newspapers and literature to pull, cut out and piece together my wants, desires and goals for the new year. We all have dreams but it’s not until we can see a vision that those dreams begin to take on the shape and form necessary to give it life. A Vision Board helps to give us that constant reminder of our dreams so that we can keep focus on formulating a plan that leads us to that dream.

So let’s talk beauty, health and wellness as a part of that dream. The holidays are over, the guest have all gone and the leftovers are just left. For most, the chart-topping new year’s resolution is to lose weight, be healthy or to get fit. Nothing wrong with that except the fact that for most, this resolution sits stagnant as just a dream never becoming a true vision nor reaching reality. Coupled with unrealistic goals, lack of commitment or time management, the task seems more daunting than rewarding.

A Vision Board can not only be a fun and quirky way to set goals but it also allows an underlying message to yourself to stay focused on the task at hand. Whether it’s tackling weight loss, trying a new hairstyle, saving money, running your first marathon, creating world peace or investing in a new wardrobe see the dream, set the pace and focus on the vision.

Takiya La’Shaune Smith, licensed cosmetologist, mentor and owner of Beautique Lash & Brow, is an author and beauty columnist promoting inner and outer beauty, self-esteem, preservation and awareness. Follow her blog at www.blb-boutiques.com, find her on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/TakiyaLSmith, email her at Takiya@Takiya-LaShaune.com or contact her at 843-263-0426.

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