Past Commodores

2010   55th    Sheri Little

2009   54th    Wilmot Schott

2008   53rd    Les Brediger

2007   52nd   Erin Dean

2006   51st     Keith Cummins

2005   50th    Richard Norris

2004   49th    Marvin Morrison

2003   48th   Geordie Madlinger

2002   47th    Scott Seelhoff

2001   46th    Ed Saxon

2000   45th    Craig McTeer

1999   44th    David Tempel

1998   43rd    Michael Yoakum

1997   42nd   Charles H. Steinmeyer

1996   41st     Kevin D. Cuppia

1995   40th    Frank O. Plair

1994   39th    Mark A. Buskirk

1993   38th    Lowell Keene

1992   37th    Danny Charpentier

1991   36th    Edward Wise

1990   35th    W.K. “Pete” Pillow

1989   34th    Ronald Tanner

1988   33rd    D.R “Rusty” Simpson

1987   32nd   Hutson “Buster” Davis, Jr

1986   31st      J Lee Bollman

1985   30th    George B Brown

1984    29th   Duncan Fordham

1983    28th    Skeet Von Harton

1982    27th    William C Robinson

1981    26th    James Williamson

1980    25th    Claude E Surface, Jr

1979    24th    Owen Hand

1978    23rd    Ed Duryea

1977    22nd   Fred Kuhn

1976    21st     George Goldsmith

1975    20th    Curt Copeland*

1974    19th    John M.”Finn”*

1973    18th    James G Thomas*

1972    17th    Thomas R Garrett

1971    16th    Don Perry

1970    15th    Robert Welden*

1969    14th    Elrid Moody

1968    13th    Arthur Horne*

1967    12th    W. Henry Jackson

1966    11th    Colden R Battey, Jr.

1965    10th    C.R. Powell*

1964    9th      R. Ray Kearns

1963    8th      Henry V Boyce, Jr*

1962    7th      Marvin H. Dukes

1961    6th      Robert G McDowell*

1960    5th      Roy Smith

1959    4th      Mrs. Mazie Terhune*

1958    3rd      Sammy Gray

1957    2nd     Ed Pike*

1956    1st       John M. Bigbee*



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